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Branding will effect your "ROI"                           


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     about branding

 State Farm Insurance and other companies run daily ad pieces. They know it can increase sales and their brand (name recognition)and product exposure will be reinforced.


Their goal is when you think great insurance, you think State

Farm.  State Farm makes the investment

because it works!


This “What is it” platform is for the same client.

By shifting from science to health food, to

vacation, then on to the "What is it" platform,

we continue to expand our sales



By making sure that we consistently use

some of the same branding graphics and

maintain the overall structure we reinforce

the company idenity.

This way through creative repetition

your customers and clients will recognize

you faster and with  greater ease. Just like

the jingle says "Like a Good Neighbor"...



“You know, it’s like

“Wait, Wait, I love this part!”.  

        When we’ve achieved that mark,

             we’ve hit gold!”