Bob is a classically trained commercial photographer who has

embraced design, the web, photography, digital special effects, CGI.

and multimedia.


His knowledge and expertise has been explored and implemented by 
Arizona State University as a Technical Consultant.


Bob assisted in creating a digital commercial photography course for

high school and college level curriculum.

In the early 90's he was a film test facility for Kodak.

He has also had technical articles published in a industry photographic

trade magazine. His crossover skills allow for a smooth execution

of your project. 

"When you have one person overseeing the project adjustments can be made so 
things come in on budget and continuity is maintained".

About Bob

The Studio

We recognize that every business has unique obstacles and barriers to overcome. 
We take the time to see the people who make up the business and then fine tune the various means that you use to share them with your target market. 


In today’s marketplace businesses need to be transparent enough to allow the talents and expertise of

the people who represent the business to be seen. 

That's the starting point to begin to build relationships with your clients and customers.

People will gravitate towards people who care about them and their needs. You need to be, to coin a phrase "the good hands people". It's a business model that’s good for the customer and your bottom line.


Here's a thought, if there’s ten other companies in your area that offer about the same level of service at about the same cost, why would they choose you?
The answer should be, YOU! You have the right blend of skills and services along with the way you implement them that makes you a unique venue.


Let's capitalize on that and move you forward!